Grandmaster Bram Frank and his instructors conduct seminars globally. All seminars require the confirmation of seminar date, confirmation of curriculum to be taught i.e . Modular Tactical, Modular Gunting, Tactical Arnis, Sinawali Concepts et al. Course to be taught can be divided up into sections per day. Bram will be accompanied by one personal assistant / instructor at each seminar.

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 USD must be pre-paid to confirm course dates. The balance of all fees are to be paid prior to the start of training.

The Training Instructor fee is a flat fee. The number of participants has no bearing on the total instructor fee. Seminar costs include the training fee, plus all expenses: airfare, hotel, food, transportation, cell phone, etc. Seminars cost civilian $3,500 USD and agency $5,000 USD per day plus all expenses. The fee for CSSD Charters is a flat fee of $3,500 USD per 2 day seminar: there is no one day charge: Full fee applies

Training gear is available at an additional expense. For larger groups or more intense training an additional assistant might be needed at an additional cost. Assistants are $500 USD—$1,000 USD per day per assistant plus expenses.

Advertising of the seminar in Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, FMA Digest or the like magazines, as well as sending/mailing out flyers, letters, internet posts, etc. is the sole responsibility of the host.

Please be aware: if the attendance or participation goals of the seminar are not met, the host or agency is solely responsible for the full contracted seminar fee whether or not there are enough attendees.


The CSSD home office will find the appropriate flights for Bram and assistant. The complete flight information will be sent to the host and then the flight will be booked electronically by the host. The confirmation and the electronic tickets will be sent to GM/Director Bram Frank. CSSD selects flights by time, date, and airline. ALL flights are booked on DELTA and Delta associates.


We accept PayPal worldwide. No other type of payments are accepted, unless authorized by CSSD home office. All Paypal payments are to the following PayPal address: Bram Frank at,

Weekly classes

Currently GM Bram Frank does not teach weekly classes, however, his other instructors do. Please check with the Charter School list to find a school and instructor near you.

Private Lessons

Bram is available for private and semi-private lessons. Private lessons are in hourly blocks. A day of training is 6 full hours; the same as a full seminar day. Rates are $900USD per hour plus all expenses: assistant, airfare, hotel, food, transportation, cell phone, etc. Please contact Bram Frank at for more information.

Instructor Camps

Instructor certification camps available: expenses plus a set fee per person is required plus initial certification costs.

Member Prices

As a host, you must provide a Membership Only entry fee into the seminar or camp. The discount cost is your desecration, however, it is typically between 10% and 25% of the actual cost of entry.


35 students @ $ 200 USD each for a two day intensive training seminar is $ 7,000 USD. If hotel, food, airfare, cell phone, and assistant cost $2,500 USD plus the $3,500 USD seminar fee, then the promoter has netted $1,000 USD profit from the seminar. $3,500 USD+$2,500 USD = $6,000 USD out of $7,000 USD. Host gets private training before the Seminar as a benefit. Training tools, knives, bolos, instructional DVDs, manuals, and shirts are available at wholesale for host or school owner to sell. Otherwise, GM Bram Frank will bring said items for direct sale to students.

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