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Bram currently travels worldwide teaching seminars on the use of Blunt & Edged weapons to other martial artists, civilians, law enforcement and military. After 9-11 this type of tactical training has been on the forefront of our Anti Terror units worldwide. The Israeli Anti Terror units have called Martial Blade Craft one of the most effective Styles of knife usage in the world today. It is used by many of our USA military forces including the several Elite groups of USMC, SF and others such as PSD including UN Security, in the fight against terrorism. For the past decade he has been rated one of the top ten knife instructors in the world by Tactical Knives Magazine. He is the Chief Edged Weapons instructor at the S2 Academy and has been for the last decade.

Here is a full calendar of all CSSD/SC seminars and training events, where you can train with Grandmaster Bram Frank or one of his certified instructors.

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